Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Future Senator Seeks Blogger; Must Be Willing to Time-Travel

Advertising for Love is the blog of a Rutgers PhD student who posts nineteenth-century personals, matrimonial ads, and missed connections. Some of the authors are reactionary teenage girls ("No abolitionists need apply"). Some are Republican Party operatives, maybe. Some are jolly young sea captains.

But this is a return-to-blogging post, if you haven't noticed, which suggests that my self-confidence is running high enough to start blogging again, so I will spotlight the old-timey ad that makes me, personally, feel most loved:
A young, able politician, capable of going to the United States Senate, desires a matrimonial alliance with a young, wealthy lady; a political writer preferred. Address Preston Firman, Boston, Mass.
It's nice to think that a young man on the path of success would want to saddle himself with an ink-stained wretch. On the other hand, there never was a Senator Preston Firman of Massachusetts.

Back in the present day, I have my own personal ad: "Penitent blog-neglecter seeks readers, antagonists; must love boxing, machine politics. Non-smokers need not apply."

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