Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DiscountCigarettesBox New Sales

Most likely you have already notices all changes made on DiscountCigarettesBox.com? If not, then by taking a few minutes of your attention, you will be pleasantly surprised!You will find such brands like: Marlboro Blue Ice Menthol, Marlboro Blue Fresh Menthol, Capri, Sobranie, Delta and more. By purchasing 6 cartons (or more) of your favorite brand, instead of buying at the standard price you will save $1,17 per each carton or $7 on whole order. The bigger is order, the bigger savings you will get per it. Just few clicks and we will delivery your order right to your door step, and save you not only your valuable time but also large amount of your money! Stay close for more!

The following new brands of cigarettes were added to our assortment:

Discount Cigarettes For Sale

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