Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bookbag: Machine Politicians vs. Yippies

From Bill & Lori Granger's Lords of the Last Machine, this paragraph about the '68 Chicago convention:
What the hard-ball players in City Hall did not understand, or did not wish to understand, was that the rhetoric of confrontation that people like [Abbie] Hoffman delighted in was only talk. Daley and his advisors, not used to this strange, theatrical brand of politics, took the Hoffmans of the world at their word. When the demonstrators announced that they would shut down the city, City Hall scurried to protect itself. And the Daley forces thought the unrelated incidents of the West Side black riots and the peace demonstration were part of some larger plan. The actors in this political drama did not speak the same language — the Yippies did not understand the importance of precinct captains and garbage can lids, and the Machine did not understand that "up against the wall, m[*******]s" could be just a way of talking.

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