Friday, July 31, 2009

"My misandry is just a subset of my misanthropy."

Feministing has drawn attention to a new study:
Despite the popular belief that feminists dislike men, few studies have actually examined the empirical accuracy of this stereotype. The present study examined self-identified feminists' and nonfeminists' attitudes toward men. An ethnically diverse sample (N = 488) of college students responded to statements from the Ambivalence toward Men Inventory (AMI; Glick & Fiske, 1999). Contrary to popular beliefs, feminists reported lower levels of hostility toward men than did nonfeminists.
This shouldn't be any more surprising than a study that proves Christians experience greater "redemption anxiety" than utilitarians. An awareness of responsibility always entails more resentment than free-wheeling indifference. I would also expect ambitious people to feel disappointed more often than bums do. The real question is whether gender differences are real; if they are, being right is worth a little misandry.

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