Monday, August 10, 2009

Bookbag: "Stop Gushing" Postscript

From Philadelphia: Patricians and Philistines, 1900-1950 by John Lukacs, this snippet from the society column "Deborah Debbie":
After church this morning we all went over to Uncle Robert's and Aunt Helen's for lunch. The conversation centered on their forthcoming trip to Palm Beach. Aunt Helen was busy debating over the clothes she would take while Uncle Robert and Daddy sorted fishing gear. They plan to stay until March, so perhaps I may go down for a while. 'T would be divine!

. . . Sorted out my last year's summer clothes this morning to see what was still wearable. Tonight Steve and I went to see Battleground which was one of the best movies I've ever seen.
Lukacs says that "Deborah Debbie" was "the most insipid" of Philly's Sunday social columns, "composed for the younger set."

Another strike against the gushers: Who today has seen Battleground, besides people like me whose grandmothers loved Van Johnson?

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