Monday, August 3, 2009

"Most likely they are."

Via Conor Friedersdorf, I see that Paul Graham hates meetings. He has his own solution; I prefer the Chicago method. From a 1950s news story quoted in City Politics:
Alderman Keane (31st) arrived eleven minutes late for a meeting Tuesday morning of the council committee on traffic and public safety, of which he is chairman. The committee had a sizeable agenda, 286 items in all to consider. Alderman Keane took up the first item. For the record, he dictated to the committee secretary that Alderman A moved and Alderman B seconded its approval, and then, without calling for a vote, he declared the motion passed. Neither mover nor seconder had opened his mouth. He followed the same procedure on six more proposals, again without a word from the aldermen whose names appeared in the record. Then he put 107 items into one bundle for passage, and 172 more into another for rejection, again without a voice other than his own having been heard. Having disposed of this mountain of details in exactly ten minutes, Alderman Keane walked out. The aldermen he had quoted so freely without either their concurrence or their protest, sat around looking stupid. Most likely they are.

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