Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hold 'Em, NYU

As NYU's protest/"blast from the past" unravels, it would be nice to take a moment to commemorate those right-wingers who, during the "occupation" wars of the 1960's, gave as good as they got. Well, almost as good as they got:
. . . twenty-two YAF members occupied the headquarters of the Resistance, an antiwar group in Boston. Inside, eight members of the Resistance "reacted violently to the liberation. One member called the Black Panthers, constantly harassed the press . . . and, in a final rage, stomped on the California grapes brought by the YAF as a snack."
(From Gregory Schneider's Cadres for Conservatism: Young Americans for Freedom and the Rise of the Contemporary Right.)

On a related note, here's a business proposal I've been considering: A student protest-themed amusement park where teenaged revolutionaries can spend a week reenacting the Spirit of '68 without bothering the rest of us. We'd have professional reenactors, like Colonial Williamsburg, who could play administration officials. (Is Fred Thompson available? He'd be great casting.) Perhaps the land could be eminent-domained in "blighted" Manhattanville, in true university style?

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