Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wanted: Young Man, Single and Free; Experience in Love Preferred but Will Accept a Young Trainee

I notice that the music blog Mainstream Isn't So Bad has posted a copy of my favorite song as last week's bit of "Sunday Soul." I really do mean favorite song, too; I've drafted plenty of Top Ten lists, all radically different, but all listing "Want Ads" by Honey Cone at the very top. Check it out.

The rest of the top five, for interested souls: "Spazz" by the Elastik Band; "Little Sister" by Ry Cooder; "Darling Commit Me" by Steve Earle; and "Can You Get to That?" by Funkadelic. For the record, I can't remember liking anything else Steve Earle's ever done (I once tore down a concert poster of his on Franklin Street, in Raleigh, out of sheer contempt), but I fell in love with the line "You'll miss me, but there's no need to grieve—you'll get reports and the baskets I weave."

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